Sophi's Childhood Home
179 Central Avenue
Peaks Island, ME 04108

Information for our guests

Ceremony: 3pm (take the 2:15 ferry from Portland, or take the 12:15 if you want to explore the island a little before the ceremony!)

Reception: Immediately following the ceremony, about 3:30pm. Bride&Groom will sneak off for some photos in between but feel free to stay and mingle and get the pot-luck rollin'! Band will set up around 4pm and start playing around 4:30.

The reception is going to be a pot-luck style, low-key event. Please bring a dish that you want to share with everyone! If you let us know what you're bringing ahead of time we can fill in the gaps and also let you know if ten other people already offered to bring some apple pies (not that we don't want lots of pies, who wouldn't!?). If you just don't know what to bring then feel free to give us a call, we will have a running tally of what food is coming and what food we'd like covered. The event is also BYOB though we will provide as much food and liquor as we can afford , of course! The more the merrier :-)

We plan to have the ceremony and reception outside, but at the house so that people can go inside to warm up. It will be October. It will get chilly. Bring a jacket! There will also be a bonfire, a band and a big grassy dance area, so bring your most comfortable shoes. If you have a guitar or a banjo or another instrument you like playing, bring it! A friend of mine from high-school-era is going to provide the tunes, so it'll be easy to jump in and jam with him if you are musically inclined. Check out the "guest information" page for a little more about Jeff! He's great!

Driving directions and ferry info

The wedding ceremony and reception will both be out on Peaks Island. In order to get to Peaks you need to take a ferry from the Casco Bay Line's Ferry Terminal, which is on Commercial Street in down town Portland. Tickets are cheapest when you buy them in books of five, so we suggest getting together with family and friends and sharing the cost of a book. Parking is not cheap in the parking garage at the ferry terminal.  If you are able to walk down from other parking areas in Portland, there are many other lots that are more affordable alternatives than the garage. There is also plenty of street parking available if you drive down Commercial Street away from the terminal (think in the Becky's Diner area) that is free, but a ten minute walk from the boat.


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